Unless otherwise requested by the artist performing, there are currently no specific requirements related to COVID-19. If an artist requests any specific restrictions, we will notify purchasers and fans ahead of time through email, our social media pages, and website.

  • Colors
    • Primary/accent: #C2A73E
    • Secondary: #FFFFFF
    • Title Text: #FFFFFF
    • Context: #FFFFFF
    • Background: #000000

Do you have a coat check?

We do have a coat check! When you enter Hurry Back, follow the signs to the bathrooms and before you enter the hallway, you will see our coat check attendant directly next to the ATM. Coat check is $3 per coat. We also have a few hooks inside (please note, we are not responsible for personal items left unattended inside the venue or on the property).

I’d like to take pictures of the show. May I bring my camera?

How nice of you to ask…you’re so sweet. Recording policies are at the band’s discretion and change from night-to-night. Only those with approved photo and video passes can bring professional equipment (cameras with detachable lenses) to a show.We utilize a House Photography Program where local photographers can choose the shows they want to shoot (on a first come, first serve basis), bring a friend along with them to the show and also receive photo credit when their photos are used.

If you’re interested in participating in the program please email info@exitin.com