Nashville native Lauren Strahm, better known by her stage name Fleurie, brings us into a new world of her creation with her new album Supertropicali (releasing June 16). Having garnered a global audience for her music since her first release in 2013, Fleurie has been heard on the likes of Grey’s Anatomy, Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars and Outlander. Her viral breakout cover of “In the End” (Linkin Park) with 75 billion streams to date has infiltrated the TikTok, YouTube, and reels spaces as well, as the back ground fills the videos of millions of users. Lending her cinematic instincts to Supertropicali, Fleurie finds a new backdrop for her alt-pop melodies and diary-page lyrics: Los Angeles. Narrated by a young, wide-eyed dreamer on a search for her own identity, we get a glimpse into Fleurie’s imagination as we follow along the journey. It’s something akin to a coming of age soundtrack for a Sophia Coppola film, softly sung and grippingly raw. Mellotron and pink Strat in hand, Fleurie invites you to experience the album live for the first time.

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